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How to Overcome Loneliness and Boredom

By: Anna Martin - Updated: 3 Sep 2013 | comments*Discuss
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Solo travelling can be a fulfilling experience that enables an individual to challenge their way of thinking and broaden their knowledge of self. Exploring different cultures, sights, destinations and interests on your own, however, can sometimes become a little lonely. Learning how to appreciate this travel experience will enable the solo traveller to keep boredom at bay.

Keep Active

Getting out and about and incorporating some exercise activity into your daily solo travelling schedule will not only benefit your health, but also positively impacts on your mental wellbeing. Exercising releases feel-good endorphins that generate positive thoughts and feelings and keep your spirits lifted. A long walk on the beach, or a brisk stroll into the town centre, will keep your mind occupied and will also relieve boredom and shift feelings of loneliness.

Lift Your Spirits

If you decide to keep a travel journal, whilst solo travelling, ensuring your daily comments maintain a positive tone - instead of becoming sad epitaphs – will help you stay focused on relieving feelings of loneliness before they have time to grow. Reading light, uplifting and motivational books, whilst travelling, is also a good idea.

If you enjoy sketching or taking photographs of your surroundings this pastime will also provide the solo traveller with an endless supply of new scenery or attractions to explore.

Smiling also lifts your spirits and encourages other people to smile back at you. Engaging other solo travellers - you may meet whilst travelling – in conversation will provide a welcome opportunity to recharge your batteries and to explore a potential new friendship.

Home Link

When solo travelling it is a good idea to maintain a link to home, provided your destination allows for this. Some exotic locations may not have a cybercafe on every street corner, although telephone/mobile links are available in most places. It is worth checking the availability of internet access provided before travelling to your chosen destination.

Being able to connect to friends and family back home provides a survival plan for those occasional moments of homesickness, and allows you to keep loved ones informed about your travel plans. Avoid calling home too often though, as this can quickly become a regular habit that uses up time you could spend exploring new people and places.

Slowing The Pace Down

Solo travelling, whilst offering many opportunities for adventure and personal growth, can become overwhelming if your itinerary does not allow sufficient flexibility. As a solo traveller you have fewer restrictions on your time and sometimes this means you opt to fill in time just to keep busy. Taking time out to relax, without the need to follow an itinerary, can provide the welcome change that recharges your batteries and re-inspires your imagination.

Listening to the needs of your body, when travelling solo, will also alert you to the best time to take breaks and to slow the pace down. A revitalising hot shower or a chilled drink may be all that is required to pick you up and lift your mood.

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Thanks for this, admitting that its ok to be lonely or bored - it will happen. I have been travelling alone for many years now and have suffered from bouts of loniless and even homesickness but never ever has it deterred me from going again. it has though, on occasions led me to drinking too much. This is something to be avoiding at all costs! apart from being potentially dangerous the ensuing hangover will only make things worse. theres a fine line between a sociable with a couple of people youve never met to suddenly being plastered on unfamilier alcohol. it may alleviate the boredem for a while. but its really not worth it.
monster - 3-Sep-13 @ 6:30 PM
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